Deathbed Confession

I’ll never forget that day we
no one knew there was a
no one thought
it started about a hundred miles
to the east of Lexington and moved west
the gas first emerged from a fissure
above the excavated cavern
then there was fog
and then the rain of birds
and then every mountain on earth
cracked open and it made us sick for awhile
but was deadly only to birds
we had to replace them with mechanical birds
did you know every bird you see
is in fact a mechanical bird
we were forced to perfect the technology
years earlier than planned then had to erase
the memories of the people so that
like children they would believe again
that every bird was real
but it’s easier with your generation
who have never seen a bird
I mean from an actual egg
with actual wings and feathers
actually eating worms or mosquitoes and flies
which also survived the fog
ha I guarantee if nothing else the bites
are very real ha why do you stare
do you care whether a bird is born or made
haven’t you been happy
didn’t we make you happy again
tell me how does knowing change your sense
of sight and sound I’m telling you this
because I’m dying I’m the last one
who knows the truth
I don’t know why I chose you
your face has a certain look